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Link4Campus believes in partnering with the most innovative and transformative organizations across the world, that share our common vision of ease of integration and an extraordinary user experience.

The value of partnering with Link4Campus

Take advantage of our partner network, and connect your solutions with Link4Campus products to expand and be part of this amazing EdTech ecosystem.

Partner with the next generation EdTech provider
(not your old legacy)

With hundreds of top EdTech partners, we’re confident you’ll find an integration solution that will solve your challenges and help you surpass your goals.

We provide state-of-the-art integrations that are seamless, non-intrusive and a consistent user experience.

Link4Campus allows our partners to integrate in a number of ways including through RESTFul API's, JWT, Swagger Docs, LTI and through other cloud native interfaces, that make for a seamless user experience.

Quality driven environments

As a standards-first company, you can work confidently knowing that our integrations are reliable, supported, and scalable.

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