The benefits of Link4Campus are numerous and could change the way your educational institution implements technology. We are the only EdTech company to provide a platform that serves both K-12 and Higher Education the entire ecosystem in one platform.  

Higher Education

Our cutting edge technology provides solutions, platforms and services that include CRM, SIS and LMS, natively in AWS or Azure’s cloud. This technology best serves students, faculty, and administrators. Our superior user experience is because of the best practices processes for fast implementations and outstanding support. Our platform accompanies the student from the recruitment process all through the graduation. We are present in every stage of a student’s life cycle. Our software has an academic portal for teachers and students. Also a university portal for the entire staff, as well as a mobile app for ease of use.


We provide a comprehensive platform that allows schools to manage the entire lifecycle of an elementary, middle and high-school student. Providing a unique and complete experience to parents, teachers and administrators, through our friendly mobile and web platforms. We can help you focus on family and parent management. Our platform includes fast attendance control, as well as control of entries, exits and special permission for students through their parents or guardians. Wants to ensure ease of communication between schools and parents, that’s why we have several channels of communication. Parents will not only be able to check attendance and grades, but also keep up to date with daily activities. Any last minute notification can be presented through our platform, using either our web portal or mobile app. To find out more about this click here.

Technical Benefits

Some of the Link4Campus’ benefits are more on our backend side. Here are a few of them:
  • Native SaaS platform that runs in AWS or Azure.
  • Only solution that has CRM, SIS, and LMS in one platform.
  • Our architecture is scalable from 10 to 10 million students.
  • UX/UI that is unparalleled to any other solution in the marketplace.
  • Multi-language with the ability to run in English and Spanish simultaneously.
  • Integration into any 3rd party solution or platform using API’s, Swagger Docs, JWT, AWS native or Azure native.
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