Overall Architecture

Our platform has been built from the ground up with high availability and efficiency in mind. That’s why we use the leading cloud services in the market. These services enable Link4Campus to serve anywhere from 10 students to 10 million without stopping your operations for a moment. No need to worry about server maintenance and software versions.


At Link4Campus, we have created a truly scalable platform that will grow and scale with your institution.


Today, we are the only EdTech solution provider that has a SISCRM and LMS built into ONE single SaaS native cloud solution that can run in either AWS or Azure clouds, you pick.

Integration Architecture

Thanks to the architecture and design of the team, Link4Campus customers and partners, are able to use a wide-array of integration frameworks and architectures based on their preferences. We want to make sure that we minimize the disruption to schools and institutions and their technology stack and architecture.


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JWT Authorization

Cloud Native

Azure Native