Our EdTech Platform provides all-in-one services so your institution can save both time and money. We can help optimize processes and integrate existing services into the Link4Campus platform.  Our technology is there to serve you from recruitment of new students to graduation services and everything in between. Find out how L4C provides solutions to educational institutions.

Link4Campus serves both K-12 and higher education with software designed to improve educational experiences. For grade school you will find a list of features aimed for the institution. For example, faster attendance control with the click of a button. As well as, a better control of permissions, entrances, and early releases of students by parents. A streamline communication with parents and guardians to update them about students’ daily lives. An overall focus on better student-family-school management.

Parents can find L4C helpful as we provide an easy way to check grades. With the click of a button parents will be able to sign in and see how their student is doing in school. We’ve also made it easier to submit permission slips and online payments. Our platform will notify parents about their child’s daily activities so there is no guessing what the student is doing at school.

Now, for higher education, our edtech platform is meant to accompany a student from the marketing and recruitment phases up to their graduation. We take the guesswork out of  the registration process. Our easy to use platform allows students to check statuses of registrations, processes, payments among others. Easily sign up for courses using our mobile App. Receive timely notifications about courses our any pending processes. To get a more thorough breakdown of what Link4Campus can do for higher education click here.

Finally if you want to obtain more information about Link4Campus and would like to see how we can adapt to your school’s existing technology click here to connect with one of our specialist. Make sure to keep up to date with our social media account to stay informed about everything L4C.