Our Commitment

At Link4Campus, we are committed to ensuring that not only our public facing website –, but our products do meet global standards set by the Web Content Accessibilty Guideline (WCAG), specifically WCAG 2.1.



As it relates to our corporate website –, we do meet the WCAG 2.1 level AA success criteria which focuses on 3 categories: screen-reader adjustments (visually impaired users), keyboard navigation adjustments (for thos with motor impairment), and UI, design, and readability adjustments (visually impaired).



We use some of the leading tools in the marketplace to ensure our on-going compliance with WCAG standards, which include:

  1. accesiBE, which is a leader in Web Accessibilty solutions for WCAG & ADA, and we regularly run their Compliance Audit tool which verifies against WCAH 2.1 level AA success criteria.
  2. Freedom Scientific – JAWS, screen reader which allows users whose vision loss prevents them from seing screen content or navigating with a mouse.
  3. W3C Nu HTML Checker.



At Link4Campus, we welcome your comments and feeback as it relates to the accesibility of our presence and products. Please contact us with any questions at